Select Action
Select Action presents a collection of tiles, hand-painted by artist Tania Colette B., which depict barricades built by protestors during various struggles across the globe to protect themselves from state forces, create tactical advantages, and produce symbolic gestures of resistance. Made from brick, clothing, ladders, rocks, sandbags, and car tires, we find that any object can become a barricade when called upon to do so. 
These tiles were originally presented as part of two sculpture works in Ordinary Disasters, Critical Mass, a 2023-2024 duo exhibition with Tania Colette B. and Charlotte Zhang at Los Angeles gallery Melrose Botanical Garden. Installed together, they read as tokens on a game board, nodding to the tactical strategies necessarily employed by protestors in struggles for civil autonomy and self-determination. Presented individually, as in this book, the tiles highlight select actions within these massive structures: small moments of ingenuity, survival, and material transformation. 
Select Action is 48 pages, risograph printed in Bisque & Blue with an RZ310, sewn binding with a Singer 7-11. 4x4". 2024. Edition of 200.
Select Action can be purchased here. 
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