Garland Variations
A California Society of Printmakers Risograph Anthology.
Curated by Zach Clark & Rachel Shelton
Printed by Zach Clark
With a Risograph MZ1099, SF9450, and RZ310
Using Flo Pink, Light Lime, Sunflower, Teal, Sky Blue, Brick, Midnight, Kelly Green, Flo Orange, Orchid, Black, Bubble Gum, Sea Blue, Melon, Moss, Mist, Maroon, & Bright Red inks
On Accent Opaque White & French Cement Green papers
Bound with a Singer Series 7-11 sewing machine
At Chute Studio, in Oakland, CA
June - November 2023.
Edition of 200. 66 pages. 
Garland Variations is a Risograph Anthology publication, featuring seven artist members of the California Society of Printmakers. The anthology publication has an established history within comics, and thus is a familiar format within the Riso community, showcasing a brief selection of work by a collection of artists. Anthology publications find their roots within poetry, where the earliest collections were referred to as “garlands”. The moniker alludes to the act of selecting and arranging the finest flowers into a singular form, much like the editor would intentionally select works by chosen poets. Across these seven Northern California based artists, the natural world is a running theme, creating their own garlands as a cohort. 
The featured artists within this book work across the expanded field of printmaking, however this is the first time they have each worked with Risograph printing. Much like the tradition of variation based composing within classical music, each artist used the opportunity to see how their personal practice and research had the capacity to expand through arrangements and instruments beyond their usual toolkit. What results is a collection of works that reflect the larger body of each artist’s work, while in the process creating wholly unique works within their personal oeuvre as well as within the broader landscape of the medium. 
This publication would not be possible without the continued generous support of the California Society of Printmakers. This publication, as well as my previous portfolio within the same mode of making, 2021’s Ideal Engagements, was funded in part by the CSP Membership Engagement Grant, providing opportunities for experimentation, education, and exhibition for their 200+ members. I’m extremely grateful for their interest in supporting my small interventions in expanding the field of this new media and for each participating artist’s willingness and trust over the course of this year producing this book. 
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