Dodeca Meters is a year-long publishing project featuring 12 booklets by 12 photographers, printed in a single color using risograph printing. Dodeca Meters exists to provide an archive of what is possible within the intersection of photography and risograph printing, through accessible multiples. 
Dodeca Meters will be released quarterly throughout 2024, featuring the work of Sara J. Winston, tamara suarez porras, Anna Rotty, Ebti, Jamie Robertson, Makenzie Goodman, Saskia Kahn, Nicole White, Arielle Rebek, Kareem Worrell, Lindsay Buchman, & Nelson Chan.
Subscriptions to the collection are available here, or pre-ordering the entire collection can be done here. A special edition will also be released later this year. Individual publications may be purchased on the web store or via the link associated with the publication below.
Dodeca Meters Issue #6
Encounters presents images and conversational text from Makenzie's ongoing project about UFO encounters amongst people living within the Mojave Desert of Southern, California. 
Encounters is 32 pages, risograph printed in Midnight on Accent Opaque Grey & Neenah Stardust paper with an MZ1090. 5x8". Edition of 200 +25. 
Published April 2024.
Encounters may be purchased here.
Dodeca Meters Issue #5
alligatorwatergreen is an investigation and celebration of swamps. The text of alligatorwatergreen was crowdsourced from a survey measuring attitudes about the word “swamp”. What words come to mind when you hear the word 'swamp'? The booklet features responses from 85 respondents on their ruminations on this question. The subsequent responses are paired with images from swamps in Virginia and Texas, between 2007 and 2024; over 17 years. alligatorwatergreen combines text and image to explore the reality of swamps and how they live in the public imagination.
alligatorwatergreen is 36 pages, risograph printed in Moss on Accent Opaque Cream & Ivory paper with an RZ310. 5x8". Edition of 200 +25. 
Published April 2024.
alligatorwatergreen may be purchased here.
Dodeca Meters Issue #4
by Ebti
Ebti's Tafseel is a dedication and documentation of her Uncles' family tailoring shop in Cairo, housed within the same building multiple generations of her family called home. The photographs were taken on the occasion of her uncle's death, when returning home for the funeral, she attempted to capture the studio as it was, and would not be for long.
Tafseel is 36 pages, risograph printed in Turquoise on French Orange Memo Kraft & Husky paper. 5x8". Edition of 200 +25. 
Published April 2024.
Tafseel may be purchased here.
Dodeca Meters Issue #3
Cottonwood Prism
Cottonwood Prism is a multi approach documentation of Anna's work investigating the Rio Grande River Valley thru New Mexico, comprised of risograph presentations of photographs, collages, and organic material created and collected within the making of her body of work focusing on the relationship between light, water, and infrastructure. 
Cottonwood Prism is 24 pages, risograph printed in Blue on French Natural Kraft and Springhill Blue paper. 5x8". Edition of 200 +25. 
Published March 2024.
Cottonwood Prism may be purchased here.
Dodeca Meters Issue #2
parallax errors
parallax errors is the risograph publication companion to porras' body of work of the same name, concerned with how one perceives the world, both visually and experientially through their identity, and the unreliability of certainty they can provide. parallax errors is the second issue in the Dodeca Meters series, and is being released in conjunction or the debut of the photographic body of work at the California Institute of Integral Studies, on February 3rd, 2024.
parallax errors is 36 pages, risograph printed in Mist on French Night Shift paper. 5x8". Edition of 200 +25. Published February 2024.
parallax errors may be purchased here.
Dodeca Meters Issue #1
Good Weather
Good Weather is a series of photographs made by Sara J. Winston in Mohall, North Dakota in the summer of 2009. Mohall is 22 miles south of Saskatchewan, Canada and approximately 90 miles east of the Montana border. Her great grandparent’s homesteaded in Mohall at the turn of the 20th century; her mother was born there; and her relatives continued to live there until 2018.
Good Weather is 28 pages, risograph printed in Brick on Domtar and French papers. 5x8". Edition of 200 +25. Published January 2024.
Good Weather may be purchased here.
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