Producing Space was a curatorial project in collaboration with Outback Arthouse
Featuring artwork by Kieran Riley Abbott, Diana Antohe, Tavarus Blackmonster, Maddy Conover, Josh Dannin, Shannon Delahanty, Ron Linn, Katana Lippart, Aida Lizalde, Jacqueline Sherlock Norheim, Rodrigo Ormachea, Alyson Provax, and an essay by Ginny Van Dine
In the spring of 2020, early in the COVID induced Shelter In Place, we began discussing ways to fill the space that just weeks earlier was filled by gathering to view and share artwork within our communities. Coming to accept that groups would not be able to come together for the foreseeable future, we thought we would use this opportunity to allow a small group of artists that would not normally meet in their own locations to share their work together. We asked 12 artists from around the country to create 14 multiple based works inspired by their immediate location. The pieces were then mailed to each of the other participating artists and the two of us as curators. The work did not need to be edition based, as in a traditional printmaking exchange portfolio, with many artists choosing to make completely unique works for each recipient. Through collaboration with the USPS, each artist receives a unique version of the show, which is theirs to own and install however they choose. Of the two curator collections, one will be held as an archive, with the other being temporarily installed in situ throughout Northern California. None of the work is for sale.

The show now culminates as an online exhibition via, as a digital catalog PDF, and a postcard available to be mailed. The collection can be viewed by appointment in Northern California by requesting a socially distant install outside of your home or in an agreed upon public location. 
To view and download the catalog, click here.
To request a postcard, inquire about a viewing, or be added to a mailing list with updates about the collection, please fill out this form.

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