Chute Family Cookbook
by Amy Burek & Zach Clark with Rebecca Ackermann. 
The Chute Family Cookbook began as a project Amy Burek and I thought would be a fun way to kill the time when shelter in place began and our plans to move into our new studio were put on hold. Over the next nine months, it became a much bigger project than either of us originally expected, and Rebecca Ackermann foolishly agreed to come on board and create very small clay sculptures of all of my food.

In concrete terms The Chute Family Cookbook is two cook books bound together into one, featuring 25 recipes and accompanying illustrations, Riso printed in 14 colors. In more conceptual terms, while the book wasn't meant to be about Covid times, it exists as a document of how different people have organized their time and activities to cope with the world we currently live in through our approaches to domestic labor. 

You can purchase  the cook book here. The Chute Family Cook Book is also a Chute Studio publication. 
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