Back with our second publication with Faith Sponsler, Oop... is a book about the disparate, unexpected, and possibly mundane connections we each individually formed over the course of a pandemic that became the nourishment that kept us going. 
"This book was made between the months of April and October of 2020. Prior to the Pandemic, I had plans to make work involving ideas about souvenirs informed by travels I had planned throughout the year. Those travel plans obviously didn't happen, so I started collecting objects and images from time spent at home, which was all the time. Another kind of souvenir I began collecting were out of context test messages from my close friend group chat, called the Lemuria Seekers. This group chat served as one of the only sources of joy and connection during that time. " - Faith Sponsler
Oop... is a book as weird and unexpected as the times we've lived through, both in content and production. The entire book was printed in the process of transitioning multiple Risograph drums, creating an unusual striping aesthetic within much of the book that changes through out the course of the book as a result of the printing process. 
Oop... is 44 pages, saddle stitched, 8.5x5.5", Risograph printed with an RZ 310 with  Indigo transitioning to Scarlet, Seafoam transitioning to Mist, Olive, Orchid, & Melon inks On Domtar 70LB T Paper at Chute Studio, in Berkeley, CA, April 2021
Edition of 100

You can purchase Oop Sorry Lemurians Wrong Chat here, and her first book Liminal Material here
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