Collective Geographies
Collective Geographies was a community mapping project in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco that took place from October 2017 through February 2018. The project took the form of a large-scale collage installation and accompanied by a card catalogue of local oral histories. The Collective Geographies installation was located at Irving Street Projects in the Outer Sunset. The public was invited to contribute memories associated with a street address in the Outer Sunset. Each locale was added to a 4'x17' paper collage comprised of gathered Google Street View screenshots spanning two walls of the storefront gallery. Each image and anecdote was represented in set of corresponding cards for visitors to explore.
All stories from the project come directly from people in their own words. What they chose to share about their time in this place is collected in this book.
Published Summer 2019, in Oakland, CA. Six color risograph book, printed with am RZ 310 UI in seafoam, midnight, flo pink, sky blue, sunflower, and olive, on Mohawk paper. 90 pages, edition of 100. Purchase here. 
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