Garland Variations
The Deluge
A Collection of Drawings 2
Like things go away
Iceland Travel Zine
An Advent
2022 Postcards
A Place Aside
Tourist Photographs
Poll Work
Brilliant Silence
A Guide For A Diverse Art Practice
Ideal Engagements
Four Letterpress Posters
Elastic Capacity
Morning, and a Sheen of Silvery Mist
Oop Sorry lemurians Wrong Chat
A Collection Of Drawings
Chute Family Cook Book
Field Day
Producing Space
Stone Company
Sheltered Harbor
Collective Geographies
Raised Beds
I'm Writing This To Help You Remember
A Car Will Be Waiting To Take You Home
Mailbox 2
Is it easy? Is it a dream?
Liminal Material
Confabulation is a River in California
Great Hope
A Song For You From Far Away
Locational Pedigree
Crop Report
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